Hub Piet Gijs

Teylingen (NL), 2012



The dune and bulb region, shared by the municipalities of Teylingen and Noordwijkerhout, straddles the border between the provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland, and as such falls under different regional authorities. Firstly, this creates the risk that the area falls between the cracks in the planning structures of the respective authorities. Secondly, in a number of cases we can see a lack of cohesion in the planning for the North and South wings of this area. For example, public transportation lines have insufficient connections – or no connections at all. Lastly, the area is being included in the visions for both the North and South wings in the projection of future residential development. Desired residential construction is being projected onto the area from all sides. The effects of the lack of a full-spectrum development vision for the area are a threat to the spatial and economic quality. The consequences are increasing fragmentation, decreasing accessibility, departure of economic functions, decrease of spatial quality, and decline in appeal to housing seekers. The area has significant qualities and potential on the local, regional, national and even international levels in the areas of landscape, cultural history, tourism and new attraction for existing towns. From a broader perspective, up until 2020 Teylingen will be a part of a strongly urbanised region. A robust and fine-meshed road network connects the individual cores and wider residential areas. Into the future, the road network will continue to be focused primarily on tract housing development (Vinex) and suburbs between the cities. Within the Randstad, the vision being propagated is resolving 70% of residential construction needs within the red line and a significant portion at closed hubs. The dune and bulb region still has few developed public transportation hubs, and the public transportation networks of the South and North wings do not adequately connect. A public transportation system for the Randstad is one of the government’s stated ambitions. Teylingen is the missing link.

The area around Piet Gijs is optimal in terms of public transport, roads andrecreational network. There is sufficient space for new hub development withfunctional added value for the region, with a strong economic function. This can help take the pressure off existing towns and reinforce multimodal accessibility.


Name: Hub Piet Gijs
Location: Municipality of Teylingen (NL)
Program: concept for a new station, infrastructure network, P&R, PDV, residential, landscape
Surface area: n/a
Assignment: study
Status: -
Client: Woonstichting Vooruitgang Teylingen


VenhoevenCS: Ton Venhoeven, Katharina Hagg, Jan Lebbink, Veronika Kovacsova, Gert Kwekkeboom
Images: VenhoevenCS