Bike Parking IJboulevard

Amsterdam (NL), 2023



Bike Parking IJboulevard is the future underwater parking facility for 4000 bicycles behind Amsterdam Central Station, where all traffic flows meet: ships, trains, metros, trams, buses, cars, taxis, ferries, cyclists and pedestrians. Amsterdam Central Station has transformed into more than just a transfer node. It is a pleasant place to stay and inextricably linked with the city. VenhoevenCS designed Bike parking IJboulevard in cooperation with Van Hattum en Blankevoort and DS Landschapsarchitecten as the mobility hub of the future; a streamlined link in the daily routine of many travellers.

The design for the parking builds on the tradition of turning functional infrastructural features into seductive spaces that contribute to urban culture and invites elegant behavior. The movements of cyclists and pedestrians determine the shape of the building. From the entrance on the Boulevard, the cyclists are guided downwards in a flowing movement all within sight of the operator. The movement invites cyclists to calmly look for a parking place, so that the rushed cyclists may leave the parking as relaxed pedestrians.

The pedestrian is central

One of the most important ambitions was: more space for the pedestrian. As sidewalks have multiple functions and the hustle and bustle in the city increases, space for pedestrians is not self-evident. The underground bike parking is designed as an extension of the public area. The entrances and stairs are finished with the same dark grey natural stones as the boulevard. Extra spacious stairwells with large glass surfaces ensure a view of the bright and inviting parking facility from the boulevard.

Sustainable & nature-inclusive

IJboulevard is an integral design: future-proof, climate adaptive and nature-inclusive. It is designed to keep the energy consumption as low as possible and built with as few materials as possible. Besides that, the chosen materials are sustainable and if possible recyclable. The low tech installations also form an integral part of the design. The IJ is a valuable ecosystem. In order to preserve the flow of nature as much as possible and to promote it where possible, various nature-inclusive measures have been included in the design.

With a few simple interventions in the structural design, more space has been created than requested. This space is used for a better flow and more overview. The entrance zone has been enlarged in surface and has an extra high ceiling. The spacious and column-free design of the parking facility, combined with generous daylight, good visibility and the central position of the operator, give the visitor a feeling of security at any time of day.

Robust & sparkling

The high-quality interior, designed specifically for thís parking facility at thís location, gives bike parking IJboulevard its own recognisable character. The design is composed of flowing lines and round shapes, subtle and quiet, but with a clear function to enhance clarity and orientation. A connection was made with the design language of the existing environment, such as the round glass facades of the IJhal and the bus platform cockpits. The parking looks and feels robust, sparkling and modern, but is also sustainable, future-proof and easy to maintain. So that the parking facility will not only be attractive, but will also remain attractive.

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Name: Bike Parking IJboulevard
Location: De Ruijterkade, Amsterdam
Program: Bike parking for 4000 bicycles and public space
Surface area: 4270 m2
Assignment: Concept design, schematic design, design development
Period: 2019-2023
Status: In Progress
Client: Van Hattum en Blankevoort, Municipality of Amsterdam
Awards: Schreuders Prize 2022
Publications: Duurzaamheid leidend bij IJboulevard Poster Construction Infographics IJboulevard


VenhoevenCS: Danny Esselman, Max Fleer, Grzegorz Balinski, Julie Fuchs, Vincenzo Cantone
Landscape architect:DS Landschapsarchitecten
Main contractor:Van Hattum en Blankevoort
Structural engineer:VolkerWessels Infra Competence Centre
MEP:Homij Technische Installaties
Building physics:Buro Bouwfysica
Other:Royal Haskoning DHV (Wayfinding and pedestrian flow consultant)
Images: b1 design (renders), VenhoevenCS (others)