Jaap Edenbaan Amsterdam

Amsterdam (NL), 2026



Future-proofing the famous Jaap Edenbaan ice-skating complex – for this commission we present a new model for (re)building to create a functionality-enhancing, energy-saving, and skating-community-focused place.

Currently, a series of separate buildings are scattered throughout the complex: the main building – housing an indoor ice rink for ice hockey, figure skating and short track speed skating, a restaurant, changing rooms, offices, and additional support facilities. In order to redevelop a coherent layout of the complex, arranged around an inviting public space, we present an integral approach that focuses on developing an overarching language for the skating complex as a whole. By either renovating or rebuilding the facilities, we implement concepts such as circularity and sustainability, as well as overall coherence on an urban scale.

The Jaap Edenbaan outdoor ice rink is the oldest in the world. With over half a million visitors every year, from top athletes to recreational skaters, it is a cornerstone of the Dutch ice-skating tradition. That is why our redevelopment plan puts the rink’s famous atmosphere at its heart.
Jaap Edenbaan Amsterdam


Name: Jaap Edenbaan Amsterdam
Program: Icehall 4.500-6.000 m2
Renovation Office building 1.250 m2
Renovation restaurant + group space 1.028 m2
Additional supporting program 500 m2
Surface area: 42.420 m2
Period: 2021 - 2026
Status: In Progress
Client: Gemeente Amsterdam & Stichting Jaap Eden


VenhoevenCS: Manfred Wansink, Tom Padding, Louis van Wamel, Maria Angeles Reinares San Martin, Quentin Roquelaure
Landscape architect:OKRA
Structural engineer:Van Rossum Raadgevende ingenieurs
Building physics:Nelissen Ingenieursbureau