Lakeside Oasis Huzhou

Huzhou (China), 2023



For Huzhou, we designed a nature-oriented neighborhood, which integrates natural elements native to the region to create a harmonious living environment. Our plan envisions an energy-producing and water-neutral development that includes housing and office spaces, alongside commercial areas and facilities for culture and sports.

Recognised as the quintessential water town of eastern China, Huzhou is adorned by an intricate network of rivers, lakes, and canals. Its community embarked on a mission to cultivate a forestlike haven, with an unwavering dedication to maintain a green zone with constrained building density, alternated with thoughtfully allocated lush green spaces and other communal areas.

Harmony with nature
To accomplish this, our design proposal revolves around climate-resilient design strategies, protecting Huzhou’s communities against extreme weather events. As such, the residential areas feature permeable flooring, verdant rooftops, and rainwater harvesting measures to effectively mitigate surface runoff, reinvigorate water tables, and alleviate pressure on smaller bodies of water. Sponge wetlands play a vital role in purifying rainwater and reducing stress on urban sewage systems.

In the heart of Huzhou, our MicroCity-model helps envision a dynamic and sustainable enclave: a smart, pedestrian-friendly community anchored around a shared transportation hub. Meticulously planned subway stations, nearby bus stops, underground parking, and attractive green spaces with diverse scenic routes meet in the vibrant area.

A natural habitat for living
With Huzhou, we aim to establish a livable neighborhood for its community, firmly rooted in its unique heritage, evolving into a self-sustaining ecosystem. To enhance cohesion and well-being, the ground-level duplex layout features lush plinths, extending the green space to the second-floor apartments. Commercial space at the street level offers convenience and opportunities for local economic development, cultural spaces foster a sense of community and sustainability for the residents of Huzhou.

The spacious landscape design offers a year-round, multidimensional, and robust green ecological framework, by giving way to untamed wilderness into residential zones. Carefully considered low-rise blocks make for unexpected views reminiscent of natural wetlands, as well as lush forests.

Sustainable futures
Drawing inspiration from Huzhou’s traditional architectural features, the plan emphasizes an interplay of buildings and canals. Buildings are gracefully integrated with nature with solid plinths and lightweight timber substructures, solid frames, and towers enveloped in wires for vegetation to crawl up and down as sanctuaries for local wildlife, enriching biodiversity and fortifying the ecosystem.

Through the integration of greenery in the unique structure of the ecological facades, energy efficiency and the quality of air are increased. It not only creates attractive sights, but the plants adorning the facades and balconies also provide natural shading, filter pollutants and release oxygen.


Name: Lakeside Oasis Huzhou
Location: Huzhou (CN)
Program: Urban plan in an area of 16 ha.
Housing 225,911 m2, Kindergarten 5,565m2, Sharing offices 2,991 m2, Cinema and fitness 4,473 m2, Library 333 m2, Sports 5,265 m2, Cultural recreation 5088 m2, Commercial 25,782 m2, Mobility 6,767 m2

Surface area: 160,000 m2
Assignment: Concept design, Master plan, Consultancy
Period: 2023-2023
Status: Completed
Client: Huzhou Municipality


VenhoevenCS: Ton Venhoeven, Jos-Willem van Oorschot, YI Yu, Maria Ángeles Reinares San Martín, Jun Chen, Niko Klasnic
Images: Frontop (Renders)