Liège Expo 2017

Liège (BE), 2011



Liège Expo 2017 Masterplan was made for the city of Liège in Belgium, as part of their bid to organize the International Expo of 2017. In this plan the Expo is not just an excitingstand-alone event, but rather the start of a sustainable transformation of siteand city for an ecofriendly future. The proposed development on both banks of the River Maaswill create new accesses to the river andimprove the quality of life and the sustainability of the city, all at the same time.

Coronmeuse, a peninsula in the River Maas between Liège and Herstal, has been designated as the site for the Expo. This site can become anew cornerstone in the urban structure of Liège, which will reinforce the role of the River Maas as the backbone of the city. The designs for master plan and buildings are both based on therequirements of the event ànd their reuse after the Expo. Theyoffer a sustainable framework for the development of a green eco district, a lively, green mixed-use area on the River Maas.

The new multimodal access routes that will be developed for the Expo will contribute to the long-term ambitions of Liège to become an ecofriendly city. A new station and multimodal node development at Bressoux, a new tram connection with the city center, slow traffic routes alongside the water andre-profiling of the E25 into an urban boulevard with a green quay and promenade, all promote ecofriendly movement in the city. Anew bridge with green planting between Coronmeuse and Bressoux and an additional ferry service will enhance the connection with the city – not just during the Expo, for the experiences of the Expo visitors, but mainly thereafter, for the  residents of city and neighborhood.

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Liège Expo 2017
Coronmeuse and Bressoux, Liège (B)
During Expo: pavilions (91,000 m2), services (20,000 m2), entertainment facilities (15,000 m2), themed pavilions (17,500 m2)

After Expo: housing (130,000 m2), hotel (7,500 m2), services (25,000 m2),
offices (35,000 m2), convention centre (20,000 m2)
Coronmeuse 25 ha and 8 ha entrance area, Bressoux 29 ha
master plan and text contribution for the Expo bid
McKinsey & Company for Liège Expo 2017


Ton Venhoeven, Katharina Hagg, Jos-Willem van Oorschot, Servy Bruls, Thomas van Arman

VenhoevenCS, JNC International