Piscine la Grenouillère

Antony (FR), 2019



Piscine La Grenouillère emphasizes the exceptional beauty of the site

The aquatic center La Grenouillère that VenhoevenCS designed for the Hauts-de-Seine Departement in France aims to provide a new experience for all visitors by transforming and upgrading an existing pool complex into an improved version of building and landscape. The unique combination of building and landscape is the true legacy of the swimming pool area for many generations, it defines the main character of the site. The competition design makes use of these qualities by creating an updated version of the old building and improving and regenerating the surrounding landscape.

The neo-constructivist, wooden architecture of Piscine La Grenouillère refers to the design of the old concrete building. The architectural, rhythmic structure bathes in light and offers majestic views on the natural surroundings. The various roofs overlap in a subtle way, thus creating green spaces with hanging gardens that also intensify the building’s integration in the context. By framing the views from the building, we highlight the different aspects of this beautiful landscape next to Parc de Sceaux.

The compact project is intelligently articulated to fit between the existing trees on the site to limit its impact on the existing vegetation. This approach protects animal life and enhances biodiversity. The use of sustainable Accoya wood as both construction material and interior finishing, is an important way to make use of renewable materials, prolong life cycle and reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, its texture and natural color provide a warm and intimate ambiance in the interior spaces.

Piscine La Grenouillère is not only designed to welcome families on beautiful summer afternoons, but also to attract new users such as sportsmen, schoolchildren and people of all ages looking for relaxation or health trails. The new aquatic center offers absolute comfort: exceptional landscape and architecture, beautiful natural light, the highest quality of water, air and acoustics, and full access for all.


Name: Piscine la Grenouillère
Location: Parc de Sceaux
Program: Swimming pool complex
Indoor program: pool 25x21m, pool 25x10m, recreative pool 300 m², 2 toboggans,
splash pool 90 m², restaurant , fitness and wellness area, administration area, changing rooms
Outdoor program : 50 m Nordic pool, pool 500 m², splash pool 150 m², a 4 lines slide
wild river, a vegetal solarium, mineral solarium, changing rooms
Surface area: Indoor program 5.700 m²; Outdoor program 33.500 m²; Technical area 2.900 m²; Underground parking area 11.500 m²
Assignment: Competition design
Period: 2018-2019
Status: Completed
Client: Département des Hauts-de-Seine


VenhoevenCS: Cécilia Gross, Ton Venhoeven, Jérémy Cassin, Timothée Pignoux, Yann Trégoat, Nicolas Handtschoewercker, Gubai Li
Partner architect:Patriarche
Landscape architect:Atelier Volga
Structural engineer:VP & Green engineering
Other:VPEAS (Finance consultant), Étamine (Environmental quality), Quadriplus Groupe (Acoustics)
Images: B1design