Sloterdijk Station

Amsterdam (NL), 2011



Because of its important position within the rail network and its accessibility by car, Sloterdijk Station has the potential to become a multimodal transport node on a metropolitan scale. In order to make Sloterdijk Station the bustling urban nexus it needs to be, we propose a simple but comprehensive spatial intervention. This intervention is based on the fundamental structure of the original station design and consists of an urban, covered space linking different internal and external zones for travel, shopping, working, or a day or evening out. This spatial arrangement considerably improves the orientation, increasing the transportation value of the station. This will make Sloterdijk Station a public and lively focus for a sustainable urban culture, a vital driver of economic development, and an important catalyst in the development of the Teleport area and Northwest Amsterdam/Zaan district.

The various domains of the station and the external urban space of Orlyplein have been brought together under one roof – a roof that is used for harvesting both solar energy and rainwater. In combination with the station walls, this roof forms a large tunnel-shaped hall with a clear spatial orientation. Placing all the access points to the surface trains and metro lines in the eastern zone of the station creates a compact and continuous travel domain separate from the visitor domain, which functions as a covered internal and external piazza. The surface and underground platforms create a visual relationship between the travel and visitor functions, resulting in a spectacular, spatial and monumental, three-dimensional traffic node, ready for vital and sustainable urban development.

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Name: Sloterdijk Station
Location: Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station (NL)
Program: public transport terminal, shops, offices, public space
Surface area: 15,000 m2 gfa
Assignment: competition design
Period: 2010-2011
Status: Completed
Client: Prorail, NSPoort and DRO Amsterdam


VenhoevenCS: Ton Venhoeven, Tim Habraken, Gert Kwekkeboom, Kees Plomp
Images: VenhoevenCS