Sportforum In de Roos

Roosendaal (NL), 2012



The southeast quarter in Roosendaal is a large new construction development along the A58 motorway. The most high-profile building within the development, the Jan Tinbergen College, is already occupied. The In de Roos sports hall is intended to provide the sports facilities for the college pupils, as well as to serve as a supralocal sports facility for the city.

The building is connected to the college by means of a pedestrian bridge. This creates an access point for college use on the upper floor in addition to the main entrance on the ground floor, to allow optimal use of the facility by different groups simultaneously.

Due to cost considerations, the materials selected for the building were simple: steel, wall cladding, glass. These were incorporated and detailed in such a way as to give the sports hall an allure that far outstrips its function. The result is an open and inviting building. The display of sport by achieving openings and interior views between different functions stimulates people to sport and participate.


Name: Sportforum In de Roos
Location: Roosendaal (NL)
Program: Olympic sports hall, two gymnasiums, canteen and connecting bridge to neighbouring college
Surface area: 3,556 m2 gfa
Assignment: Competition design, Schematic design, Design development, Construction documents, Procurement, Construction administration
Period: 2009-2012
Status: Built
Client: Municipality of Roosendaal


VenhoevenCS: Ton Venhoeven, Manfred Wansink, Louis van Wamel, Eelco Bergman, Gabriel Boutsema, Roland Herpel, Arjan Pot, Maarten Bax, Gert Kwekkeboom
Main contractor:Boot Bouw
Structural engineer:Goudstikker de Vries
Project management:Olco
Other:K-plus (acoustics & fire consulting)
Images: VenhoevenCS, Stijn Poelstra (photos)