Sports Centre Delft

Delft (NL), 2026



In July 2023, we announced winning the international architect’s competition for Sports Centre Delft. The new sustainable complex will give expression to mixed-use by bringing together residences, sports and mobility on a compact plot. Replacing the old ‘Zwem- en Squashcentrum’ at the Maria Duystlaan, the new hub offers all residents of Delft the handles needed to propel a healthy (urban) lifestyle.

The merging of facilities in Sports Centre Delft sets the tone for healthy and sustainable inner-city development: “Thanks to the rich combination of a versatile sports hall, a swimming pool, apartments and mobility in a compact social hub, Sports Centre Delft will be a powerful example of a future-proof and healthy heart of the neighborhood” – Jos-Willem van Oorschot, partner-architect VenhoevenCS

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Name: Sports Centre Delft
Location: Maria Duystlaan, Delft
Program: Sports hall, swimming pool, apartments, bar/restaurant, mobility hub
Surface area: 4400 m2
Assignment: Architectural Design
Period: 2023-2026
Status: Win
Client: Gemeente Delft


VenhoevenCS: Jos-Willem van Oorschot, Jean-Baptiste Ceran, Bas van der Pol, Tjeerd Hellinga, Arian Shahverdi, Lucas Schram
Images: VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism