Student Campus Eindhoven University

Eindhoven (NL), 2023



The realisation of our plan for 735 new student houses and facilities on the grounds of Eindhoven University of Technology is progressing quickly. It is a design for a lively campus where (international) students and researchers can really feel at home. The plan is set up as an inspiring community. Various functions such as living, working and relaxing are situated close to each other in an attractive setting to stimulate collaboration and social encounters.

The plan consists of a scenic city park with two high-rise slabs and a low-rise student village in between. This student village is the social heart of the new campus. It consists of a field of interlinked single-storey houses and can grow in phases. In collaboration with the university, various other facilities are also being realized here, such as the “Circle of stuff” thrift store, shared kitchen-diners, a Mobility hub and a Makerspace.

In the student village, nine building plots are left blank on purpose. In order to involve the students in the project as much as possible, the project team wants to set up a so-called “Honor Track” together with the university to allow talented students to help design and construct on these plots. The architect, contractor and housing corporation will participate in this process as mentors. This Honor Track fits in perfectly with the idea of Challenge Based Learning from the university’s educational vision.

The Makerspace is thé creative centre of the campus, where residents and users can make things themselves, such as their own furniture or even a complete living unit. In this space, machines for woodworking, 3d printers and tools are available for everyone. The material that is released during the demolition of Het Paviljoen is used for the construction of the Makerspace. Circular demolition company Van Liempd has already stored this material and reserved it for re-use at this location. The construction of the Makerspace can start immediately.

The shape and architecture of the two new high-rise blocks match the other campus buildings in the area. Both blocks consist of three slabs placed against each other, resulting in a varied and sculptural building volume. By means of a raised veranda plateau, a gradual transition is made between the buildings and the green park. The middle zone of the high-rise is designed as a vertical street with many places that encourage informal meetings. All student residences will also have a kitchen window to overlook this space and promote interaction between the residents. The student houses are also equipped with extra high ceilings, plenty of daylight and common areas for activities and, for example, cooking together. All ingredients are present to make the Eindhoven University Student Campus a lively place where everyone can feel at home.

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Name: Student Campus Eindhoven University
Location: TU/e Science Park
Program: Student housing (735 units) divided over highrise and lowrise + a large variety of associated community spaces
Surface area: 29.000 m2 BVO
Assignment: Competition design, Concept design, Schematic design, Design development, Construction documents, Procurement, Construction administration
Period: 2020-2023
Status: In Progress
Client: Heijmans & Woonbedrijf, Eindhoven University


VenhoevenCS: Manfred Wansink, Hermen Jansen, Arjan Pot, Iza Slodka, Casper de Heij, Anna Hering, Niels Vernooij, Jeroa Amanupunnjo, Emiel Tijhuis, Peter Rugebregt
Main contractor:Heijmans
Structural engineer:Lievense
MEP:Van Hoften installatietechniek + Van Hees elektrotechniek
Building physics:Cauberg Huygen
Exploitation / operation:Vestide / Woonbedrijf
Images: B1 design