Villa Vonk

Rotterdam, 2012

Villa Vonk

News: October 21, 2014

Villa Vonk shortlisted for Rotterdam Architecture Prize

VenhoevenCS is proud to announce that Villa Vonk has been shortlisted for the Rotterdam Architecture Prize!   In September 2014 professionals and the public could send in projects for the Rotterdam Architecture Prize. This has lead to a very nice overview of schools, office buildings, bridges, a parc, a square, a station, commercial buildings and a lot more. The jury has now selected a shortlist. They judged architectural quality of the projects and the significance they have on their neighbourhood and the city.   Other aspects that were taken into account: –          The type of projec;, to give a good view on the variety of new buildings in Rotterdam –          The size of the project; to give attention to both small, medium and large projects –          The geographical spread; because the jury wants to give attention to quality of the built environment in every part of Rotterdam   The result is a splendid shortlist of 25 projects. Soon documentation on each project – with drawings, photos, text etc. – will be available on the website of Rotterdam Architecture Prize. The jury will start selecting mid October and the public can vote on their favourite project in November.   The award show of the jury prize and the public prize will take place on Wednesday 17 December in the city hall of Rotterdam.
Villa Vonk shortlisted for Rotterdam Architecture Prize

News: June 6, 2013

Villa Vonk on shortlist Scholenbouwprijs

The Ministry of Education has announced that thirty Dutch schoolbuildings have been shortlisted for the Scholenbouwprijs 2013. The award rewards excellent commissioning work.   The buildings were selected from a total of 162 submissions. On June 17th, the jury will select 8-10 projects that will be visited in September before the jury makes its final decision: who wins the Scholenbouwprijs 2013? On November 5th the State Secretary Sander Dekker (Education) will hand out the Scholenbouwprijs 2013.   Our project Forum ‘t Zand was one of the winners of the Scholenbouwprijs 2006.  
Villa Vonk on shortlist Scholenbouwprijs

Vision & Research: Social impulse of multimodal and public mixed use projects

"multifunctional accommodations offer the tenants a wide variety of opportunities for dual use of space"

Social impulse of multimodal and public mixed use projects

Villa Vonk is a community school with sports hall, toddlers’ playgroup, after-school care, youth centre and welfare facilities in a multicultural community in Hoogvliet. The building is designed as an attractive meeting place and compact social centre for pupils and community residents.


It presents the appearance of a luxurious villa on ample green grounds. This setup keeps as much outdoor space as possible for an outdoor ‘square’ for school and community activities. When the expansive stairs at the top of the building are used as grandstand for these types of events, the square is instantly transformed into an amphitheatre. The playful use of tiles and colour fields in the building exterior and interior alludes to the cultural diversity of the people of the community, and adds to the surprising and inviting atmosphere.


The entrance hall to the community school is the central meeting point from which all the various functions are accessible and available. The space functions as an inner court where community activities and events are held. The multifunctional gymnasium is situated at the heart of the building. Its wood panelling gives the space a certain warmth and elegance, yet at the same time a robust feel. It also makes this a surprising and inviting space for receptions and other activities.


The school section is structured as a wing, with simple and clear layout, making it flexible for school uses and giving it maximum potential for upscaling, downsizing or cooperation. The hallways are informal meeting places, streets in a building in which each room is a ‘home.’ The wide wall between the room and the corridors neatly houses all technical facilities and functional components of the programme, which are fully integrated into it. Together, the alcove, wardrobe, window from classroom to hallway, pantry, storage spaces and technical systems make up one large, cohesive and integrated element.


Villa Vonk is a “new style” community school, in that extra attention has been given to creating a healthy and comfortable environment. It features extra high ceilings, efficient ventilation with CO2 detector and maximum use of daylight and natural ventilation. Together, these applications offer extra quality to the children and adults who use the building.

Name:Villa Vonk
Location:Hoogvliet, Rotterdam (NL)
Program:two primary schools, sports hall, child-care facilities, after school care, youth centre, welfare facilities
Surface area:4,714 m2 gfa
Assignment:schematic design, design development, specifications, detail drawings and aesthetic direction
Client:Woonbron project developers
Team:Ton Venhoeven, Cécilia Gross, Danny Esselman, Eelco Bergman, Jan Lebbink Alexander Speelman (intern), Katarzyna Duleba (intern), Igor Začek (intern)

Halmos (installations), DGMR (building physics), , Basalt Bouwadvies (cost calculation), Waal Bouw (contractor) Theo Wulffraat & partners (construction)

Images:Luuk Kramer, VenhoevenCS
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