Ton Venhoeven


In our current society, man has increasingly come to depend on networks for transfers and connections between people, places and objects. This growing mobility is giving rise to an increase in the space required for these networks. This may cause infrastructure to be transformed into a dangerous jungle, which has to be passed through on one’s way home.

In a metaphysical sense as well, these networks tend to occupy more and more space. The omnipresence of other places alongside one’s own has a diverting effect in the here and now – similar to the way a mobile phone in a train compartment lets in the outside world into the capsule. A system then originates of parallel worlds that may overlap or cross one another. If these are situated next to each other in isolated territories, networks will change into interspaces that can be claimed from these different realities.

"Public space becomes a dealing space for different languages and cultures"

Several bodies and worlds can communicate by means of various networks and the techniques that come with them. By and large, such connecting infrastructural networks are looked upon purely as instrumental elements, as tools being extensions of our body. This purely utilitarian outlook is, however, unsatisfactory: networks and technologies lead their own lives, with the attendant risks and opportunities.

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