De toekomst van de stad – aanzet tot een CIAM van de 21ste eeuw

"Weg met de scheiding tussen wonen, werken, recreëren en verkeer, het aloude stokpaard van de CIAM."

Smart architecture and urbanism

"we need to solve the issues of our city’s metabolisms withín our urban regions, not somewhere far away"
"smart solutions and technology firstly require smart societies"
"the information revolution creates large opportunities for involving society’s clever citizens and organisational power"
"with the help of information technology, transportation modes can be integrated in flawlessly integrated mobiltiy systems that are accessible to all"
"redevelopment or infill development can play an important role in integrating different population groups in the city, especially when paired with good slow traffic connections, public space and public facilities"

Towards multimodal mobility networks

"a major challenge lies in distributing the enormous traffic flow among the different transportation options as efficiently as possible"
"transit hubs not only help to redistribute transportation flows, but also serve as an attractive draw"
"developing a smart combination of hubs and connections [...] is the route to the development of sustainable, polycentric network cities"
"what we need to develop is a hybrid traveller, one who opportunistically switches modes of transport with changing situations"
"The combination of car and train is becoming more and more prevalent"

Sustainable Urban Regions

"the real challenge is to make entire urban regions truly sustainable"
"energy efficiency in construction and smart mobility can save a great deal of energy"
"the challenges lie in three realms: People, Planet and Profit"
"a monoculture has less resilience and vitality than a multifunctional region with a healthy mix of activities"
"in the future urban regions will continue to make up an interconnected metabolism in which everything is dependent on everything else"

Sustainable Architecture

"the cost-revenue ratio of any measure is extremely decisive for its successful application"
"we could save over half of the world's energy needs"
"a smart grid distributes power efficiently"
"there are many opportunities to make use of the environment"
"an integrated approach reveals that a building is not a static, isolated object, but interacts with its environment as if it is a living organism"
"biomimicry offers the foundation for a new type of functionalism: eco-functionalism"

Social impulse of multimodal and public mixed use projects

"cities facilitate interactions on both the economic and social levels, which makes them an attractive place of establishment"
"redevelopment can play an important role in integrating different population groups in the city"
"multifunctional accommodations offer the tenants a wide variety of opportunities for dual use of space"
"shared use of interior streets and meeting spaces offer the opportunity for social contact and cultural exchange"

Future Health Care in Ageing Societies

"care can be organised much more efficiently in network relationships than in the current regional organisation"
"care costs are being driven up by factors such as an increasingly ageing and obese population"
"The general hospital becomes core hospital"
"healthy cities are the best prevention for a range of health problems"


"The notion of ‘exclusion’ from the world outside the capsule is replaced by the notion of inclusion in the unusual object of the world’s complexity"
"The microcosmos is a living body"

The capsule as node and event

"Western culture has a long history of pursuing idealised images"
"we can travel everywhere using machine capsules"
"what we really need are buildings and cities that we can interpret in a variety of ways"

Living cities

"each new design offers the opportunity to rethink every facet of life"
"good urban and environmental planning can limit the amount of automobile traffic"


"Public space becomes a dealing space for different languages and cultures"
De toekomst van de stad – aanzet tot een CIAM van de 21ste eeuw Smart architecture and urbanism Towards multimodal mobility networks Sustainable Urban Regions Sustainable Architecture Social impulse of multimodal and public mixed use projects Future Health Care in Ageing Societies Microcosmos The capsule as node and event Living cities Network