Architectenweb Podcast with Cécilia Gross

16 February 2024


Architectenweb Podcast with Cécilia Gross

Cécilia Gross is on a roll in conversation with Architectenwebs Michiel van Raaij (in Dutch!)

About cooperating internationally, composing DBFMO-teams, intertwining design and context, technological and cultural innovations, designing reversible spaces, mixed-use densification, fine-grained mobility and creating more with less – motive: the competition and the design of the Aquatics Centre in Saint-Denis being almost completed and having its premiere this summer.

The podcast also shines a light on building culture. “We brought our Dutch culture of integral design to France; that greatly enriched the process. In France, as architects, we are responsible from design to realization and involved as key player in every phase. There, we have once again experienced that architects are crucial in the thinking of design and construction process, and we hope that in the Netherlands this potential will be more used to improve our living environment.”

The Architectenweb podcast series hosts conversations about the spatial challenges we face as a society and how (interior) architecture can provide answers to them. This concerns developments in the field of architecture, from the use of new technology to broadening the role that designers can play.

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