Delhi 2050 at the IABR 2012

19 April 2012



Delhi 2050 combines the  Dutch experience on long term, integral planning with Indian knowledge in a process to create a long-term vision for Delhi and to set up the tools to transform shared ambitions into real projects and policies. The collaboration between India and the Netherlands focusses on the trinity of Government, Knowledge and Business. Partners in this collaboration are thus bilateral ministries, academic- and research institutes and design- and engineering companies.

At the 5th IABR Making City we are giving an insight in the challenges Delhi is facing and the role of Delhi 2050 in the envisioning of a sustainable future. At this very moment government officials in both India and the Netherlands are translating the mutual interest in Delhi 2050 into a formal collaboration between the two countries. We hope to celebrate the first formal steps in this process already during this IABR.

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