Pool & Apartments Oostende

Oostende (BE), 2021



The swimming pool Brigitte Becue is the new sports and recreational attraction in Oostende. By combining a large public swimming pool and 22 apartments in one building, the building blends perfectly into the existing urban context. At the same time, the building fits in with the green surroundings of the neighbouring golf course and the coastal strip. The apartments, housed in two separate volumes on top of the aquatic centre, contribute to the recognizability of the complex.

The building presents itself differently on all sides.  On the urban side, the Northlaan, the building is open and inviting. Via the lively forecourt, an integral part of the design, visitors are guided to the entrances, marked by canopies, on the ground and first floor. At Nieuwpoortsesteenweg, the building connects seamlessly to the existing small-scale housing. Here you can also find the two entrances to the apartments. Underneath the building is a parking garage for both residents and visitors.

The cafetaria has a central position. It extends over almost the entire length of the first floor and interconnects all interior spaces. From here, one has a beautiful view over the swimming pools, the patios and the green surroundings. The inviting sunny terrace in the front offers a place for a drink, also for passers-by during a walk to the beach.

The Brigitte Becue swimming pool accommodates a 50-meter pool, an instruction pool with a depth of 4.2 meters (also for divers) and an extensive recreational area with entertainment for all ages, including two slides, a creek and a climbing wall. Additionally, there is a wellness area with an outdoor terrace and several thermal baths overlooking the golf course.

Social and sustainable go hand in hand

The 22 apartments for social housing company WoonWel form an integral part of this project. WoonWel cooperates with municipal authorities to translate the local social housing policy into built housing projects. A lot of attention is paid to welfare, housing quality and sustainability, based on a specific target group policy, participation and guidance. In this project, this has resulted in pleasant outdoor spaces for all residents, beautiful views over the golf course and more contact with nature – thanks to the green roofs and planted trees. The energy costs are low (energy levels K18 and E50), also because a considerable part of the required heat and electricity is generated on site.

Swimming pool Brigitte Becue opened in May 2021.


Name: Pool & Apartments Oostende
Location: Northlaan 14
Program: Swimming area with an Olympic size pool, instruction pool (4.2 meters deep), sauna, recreational area for all ages with two slides and outdoor whirlpools. Restaurant, multipurpose rooms, underground parking for 69 cars and 22 apartments
Surface area: 16.000 m2 BVO
Assignment: Competition design, concept design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, aesthetic supervision, strategic vision
Period: 2016-2021
Status: Built
Client: Sportsbuilders NV, Stad Oostende, FARYS|TMVW and WoonWel


VenhoevenCS: Manfred Wansink, Jos-Willem van Oorschot, Ton Venhoeven, Mateja Pipan, Reijer Pielkenrood, Nerea Saenz Compañon, Natasja Cvetkovic, Ed van Waveren, Peter Rugebregt, Alvaro O’Farrell, Florina Bleanca (Intern)
Partner architect:B2Ai architects
Main contractor:Sportsbuilders (NV)
Structural engineer:NEY & Partners
MEP:Boydens Engineering
Building physics:Boydens Engineering
Water treatment:KWB
Images: Klaas Verdru