Rebstockbad Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main (DE), 2024



This competition design for the new Rebstockbad, situated in one of Frankfurt’s alluring parks, was awarded the 2nd prize. VenhoevenCS, together with MOW architekten + Bierbaum Aichele Landschaftsarchitekten, designed a compact and efficient ensemble of buildings that maximizes the surrounding green recreational area. The existing topography of the park was used as a starting point in the design and resulted in a composition of building parts lying in the park’s lawns as stones.

A visit to the Rebstockbad is an adventure. The route towards the entrance is designed as a pathway through a spectacular canyon. The visitor is naturally guided into the building, directly entering in the midst of the spectacle. Here, in the heart of the building, all facilities are connected: the reception, the entrances to all pool areas, the restaurant and offices. This central space excites and provides sight to the action, with the landscape of the surrounding parc as a stunning décor.

The building is divided into recognizable building parts, which conform to the use of the space and planned activities in both function and appearance. The recreative adventure pool, including a large wave pool and a creek, resounds the element water all around. The sauna and wellness center are settled in the hilly landscape. This provides space for private patio’s in the open air and restful views over the lake. The sports and instruction pools allow plenty of daylight and air to naturally brighten the spaces and strengthen the pool’s relation to its green environment and views. The most exciting part of the building resembles a firy volcano, with spectacular slides rolling down like lava. Together all four building parts form a cohesive whole by the use of the same visual elements and materials. The centre of the building enhances social interaction and accommodates the restaurant.

This smart and compact design for the Rebstockbad lives up to all of the environ-mentally focused ambitions: the used materials are recyclable and the building generates and collects its own energy thanks to the use of renewable installation techniques such as geothermal energy, the reuse of rainwater and solar cells on the roofs.

The use of perforated aluminium in the façade’s texture creates a light and inviting ambiance in both daytime and nighttime. Over time, the facades will be overgrown by plants and other greens to further connect the building with the surrounding landscape of the park. This architectural design for the new Rebstockbad allows for a constant redirection in terms of perspectives and views; perfectly fitting to a building wanting to stimulate exercise.


Name: Rebstockbad Frankfurt
Location: Zum Rebstockbad, (DE)
Program: 25-metre pool with grandstand, diving pool, instruction pool and a large recreational area, restaurant, sauna and wellness area, offices and fitness
Surface area: 18.700 m2
Assignment: Competition design, interior design, concept design, schematic design
Period: 2020-2024
Status: In Progress
Client: BäderBetriebe Frankfurt GmbH
Awards: 2nd prize design competition


VenhoevenCS: Manfred Wansink, Tom Padding, Li Gubai, Izabela Slodka, Anna Hering
Partner architect:MOW architekten
Landscape architect:Bierbaum Aichele Landschaftarchiteckten
Structural engineer:Pfeifer Interplan
MEP:Kofler Energies
Building physics:Kurz und Fischer
Water treatment:Patrick Tual
Other:Fire safety adviser: Endreß Ingenieurgesellschaft. Tender Management Client: BSMF (Beratungsgesellschaft für Stadterneuerung und Modernisierung mbH)
Images: B1 Design (renders), VenhoevenCS & MOW (other images)