Smart Cities NL

Amsterdam, Delft, Assen, 2014

Smart Cities NL

Vision & Research: Smart architecture and urbanism

"with the help of information technology, transportation modes can be integrated in flawlessly integrated mobiltiy systems that are accessible to all"

Smart architecture and urbanism

“Spatial planning should focus on improving the connectivity and sustainable mobility, developing hubs and marketplaces, and improving the public realm.”


That is one of the conclusions of the design research into the opportunities and challenges of Smart Cities in the Netherlands, conducted by VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism, commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. In three cases in the participating municipalities of Amsterdam, Delft and Assen we explored, together with experts and local stakeholders, how smarter technology, spatial planning and urban management contributes to more sustainable and efficient cities and regions. The results of the design research and the resulting policy recommendations are compiled in the book Smart Cities NL.


The abstract of the publication Smart Cities NL can be downloaded in the pdf below.


The entire publication can be downloaded from ISSUU.


Name:Smart Cities NL
Location:Amsterdam, Delft, Assen
Program:design research
Surface area:
Assignment:design research
Client:Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Atelier Stad
Team:Ton Venhoeven, Bas Römgens, Joseph Bailey

Platform 31, TNO, Gemeente Amsterdam, Gemeente Delft, Gemeente Assen

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