Willem Arntszhoeve

Den Dolder (NL), 2014



Willem Arntsz Hoeve is one of the locations where mental health institution Altrecht offers psychiatric inpatient care and day care activities. It is a special location. You will find a rare combination of natural, cultural, historical architecture and modern architecture. It is expected that in the future a (large) part of the care functions of Altrecht disappear. This creates space for new development opportunities.

The concept plan is the basis for the market approach. A future-proof spatial framework provides direction to the desired development. The concept plan allows knowledge, experience and ideas of developing party(s), and advancing insights to be implemented in the development plan and urban design.

The concept plan focuses on value creation in the broadest sense. The goal is to increase the value specified in money, but also the ecological, recreational and social value. The beautiful landscape is the spatial carrier of the area. The values ​​present in the landscape, the forest, heath and avenues, are used as the valuable basis and the starting point for an attractive living environment and healing environment.

The vision provides spatial constraints and guidelines, but also provides insight into the spatial consequences of different development strategies. Two diverse scenarios are put together to show the bandwidth in future development and spatial strategy.  The optimal model is dependent on the market and will be developed in close cooperation with the private partner (s).


Name: Willem Arntszhoeve
Location: Den Dolder
Program: housing, care, recreation, facilities, nature
Surface area: 54 ha.
Assignment: integrated concept plan
Period: 2011 - 2014
Status: Discontinued
Client: Altrecht, mental health institution


VenhoevenCS: Ton Venhoeven, Bas Römgens, Thomas van Arman, Auke Wissing
Images: VenhoevenCS