ZOË Amsterdam

Amsterdam (NL), 2026



ZOË Amsterdam is a nature-inclusive apartment complex that creates new living spaces amid a habitat for animals and plants. Balancing the needs of both nature and people in the city, it presents a new, sustainable model for future-proof densification within urban areas. Robustly designed, with a building set at different heights, ZOË Amsterdam will be located within the Sluisbuurt area of Amsterdam. Created by VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism and DS landscape architects, it was the winning competition design for Sluisbuurt Kavel 4a set by area developer AM in 2022.

Natural living
ZOË Amsterdam’s biodiverse design is consistent with the environmental characteristics of the neighbourhood. From underwater and garden spaces to a solar-paneled roof, the building’s multi-level design creates multiple new spaces where flora and fauna can co-exist. Each landscape differs in height and surface, creating variation in the building’s vegetation and in turn the animals that feed, reproduce and shelter there.

Layered skin
The design of a layered, porous shell around the residential building connects people and nature in an optimal way. The facades are made up of units of raw concrete and sound-absorbing wood that alternately function as balconies and windows; containing solar panels, nesting boxes and insect hotels, between which space has been deliberately left for small creatures, birds and plants. Each facade is designed according to its orientation, giving the building a unique and dynamic appearance.

Reimagining the Sluisbuurt area
Located in Amsterdam’s east, Sluisbuurt island will soon be a vibrant new urban area that addresses the mix of housing typologies and facilities required in the city. With a footprint of only 10,000 m² ZOË Amsterdam is an example of density done well with a mix of 82 homes for families, couples and singles, with a minimum size of 40 m². In addition to its nature-inclusive design, ZOË Amsterdam will also provide the area with 1,500 m² of commercial and workspaces, contributing to the local economy. The building’s long façade will enhance the appearance of the main street

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Name: ZOË Amsterdam
Location: Kavel 4A, Sluisbuurt Amsterdam (NL)
Program: 10.000 m2 with 82 small and large homes for families, couples and singles.
Ground floor offers 1.500 m2 for shops and entrepreneurs,
Surface area: 10.000m2
Period: 2022-2026
Status: In Progress
Client: AM gebiedsontwikkeling
Publications: ArchDaily Fast Company architektur.aktuell enki bba RIBA Journal ArchiExpo Archello


VenhoevenCS: Jos-Willem van Oorschot, Cécilia Gross, Cas de Heij, Tjeerd Hellinga, Andreas Bogenschuetz, Arian Shahverdi, Maria Boletou, Tom Padding, Gregorz Balinski, Mateja Pipan, Louis van Wamel, Robin Boenning, Ivo Brandes
Landscape architect:DS Landschapsarchitecten
Images: B1 design