Sluisbuurt Kavel 4A

Amsterdam (NL), 2026



Green, biodiverse with plenty of room for flora and fauna: that is what best describes our design for a nature-inclusive apartment complex in the Sluisbuurt on the Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam. The project is characterized by different heights and a wealth of vegetation from native plants. Much attention will be paid to the design of green roofs, terraces and facades that contribute to optimizing the climate and stimulate biodiversity.

Room for flora and fauna

The plot borders the inland waterway of the Sluisbuurt and is located near a public park. Giving a voice to nature in the city, Sluisbuurt Kavel 4A will provide shelter for all five fauna species: building, tree, shrubland, grassland and water bound. The project is an example of a zoöperation which is the term for an organizational model of cooperation between human and non-human life that represents the interests of all (it derives from “zoë”, the Greek word for “life”).

“We are proud of the nature-inclusive contribution that Sluisbuurt Kavel 4A will soon make to Sluisbuurt and the city of Amsterdam. With the broad, integral design and development team, the municipality and future users, we will continue to develop the building into a place where people, plants and animals feel at home. A Zoöp is a concept that must meet strict conditions and we trust that this plan will receive the official status of Zoöp after evaluation,” says Peter Heuvelink, director of AM Noordwest.

Sustainable living

The apartment complex contains a maximum gross floor area of 10,000 m². This relatively small building space will house 82 small and large homes for families, couples and singles, whether or not in a cooperative context. All houses have a minimum size of 40 m². The design of the apartment complex scores well on sustainability, partly due to the triple glazing, the heat recovery and the solar panels integrated into the design.

Space for shops and business

The two-storey plinth with partly double height on the main street offers 1,500 m² of space for shops and entrepreneurs. The long facade contributes to the attractiveness of the main and cross corner street. This meets the need for more shops in the Sluisbuurt.


The development is characterized by balance and contrast: urban fringes with public facilities along the main street; intimate green-blue ‘inner world’ on the inland water, near the public park. The construction, including materials for the quays, has been well thought out. This ranges from natural blocks with openings, ferns and herbs, to the high-quality green cantilever facade. The building is set at different heights, ranging from 12, 17, 20 to 40 meters, with six roof terraces with different functions for use by residents, nature and water.

“In its nature-inclusive design, Sluisbuurt Kavel 4A is a robust project that reflects our high ambition for sustainability. As far as we are concerned, the result sets the tone for how the Sluisbuurt and the rest of the city should be built in the coming years,” says Jos-Willem van Oorschot, VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism.

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Name: Sluisbuurt Kavel 4A
Location: Sluisbuurt
Program: 10.000 m2 with 82 small and large homes for families, couples and singles.
Ground floor offers 1.500 m2 for shops and entrepreneurs,
Surface area: 10.000m2
Assignment: Competition design
Period: 2022-2026
Status: Win
Client: AM gebiedsontwikkeling
Publications: ArchDaily Fast Company


VenhoevenCS: Jos-Willem van Oorschot, Cécilia Gross, Cas de Heij, Maria Boletou, Arian Shahverdi, Tom Padding, Gregorz Balinski
Landscape architect:DS Landschapsarchitecten
Images: B1 design