Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Health & Safety

At VenhoevenCS, we value the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees, the people we work with, and the communities that we serve with our projects. We believe that fostering a safe and supportive environment is essential for everyone’s success and happiness.

VenhoevenCS has a policy in place to maintain the highest standards of health, safety, and wellbeing in all our activities. We have adopted a holistic approach, encompassing

  1. our projects
  2. the workplace at VenhoevenCS
  3. the world outside.

Risk assessments and management, training and communication, reporting, investigating and responses, audits, evaluations and continuous improvement are all part of the policy.

We have a committed H&S team in place, with colleagues from VenhoevenCS as well as hired specialists. The team is responsible for all things regarding health, safety and wellbeing.

Examples of the activities of this team are:

  • Organizing health and safety excursions to constructions sites
  • Updating H&S checklists for design
  • Initiating emergence response drills
  • Promoting our meditation breaks
  • Helping with work place set up


We are very proud that our efforts and activities have been awarded the STEP 3 certification of the Safety Culture Ladder since May 2022.

SCL Step-3 certificate - dutch

SCL Step-3 certificate (dutch)