The Age of Timber – Cécilia Gross presents Aquatics Centre

26 September 2023


During last week’s HoutbouwXL program, Cécilia Gross was part of an amazing lineup of front runners of the timber construction revolution for ‘The Age of Timber’, organised at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Cécilia invited attendees to dive into the Aquatics Centre in Paris and discussed all ins and outs of its wooden construction. She introduced the elegant design on stage next to other masterminds of exciting mass timber projects, including architect Oskar Norelius, biobased building experts Pablo van der Lugt and Bob van der Zande, urban planner Verali von Meijenfeldt, developer Samuel Orobio de Castro, circular building front runner Sander Woertman, and delegates of the City of Amsterdam and Municipality of Zaanstad Carolien Schippers and Rene Tuijn.

The program was recorded so everyone can tune in. Find out how sustainability is visible throughout the design of the Aquatics Centre at the 53-minute mark of the video below.

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