Prolongation Certificate Level 5 of the CO2 Performance Ladder

23 June 2020



As one of the very few architecture and urbanism offices in The Netherlands, VenhoevenCS has a level 5 certification of the CO2 Performance Ladder.

The CO2 Performance Ladder is a CO2 management system consisting of 5 levels. Up to and including level 3, an organization starts working with the emissions of its own organization and all projects. From levels 4 and 5, CO2 emissions in the chain and sector are also addressed.

Sustainability is in the DNA of VenhoevenCS. We have several documents for internal use, which translate our sustainability principles and focuses mentioned in Sustainability@VenhoevenCS into applications in our practices, operations, and policies. Our Environmental Management Plan states our  SMART goals and describes how we would like to achieve those goals. We monitor our progress continuously through internal and external audits, evaluations, and reviews.

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