Ton Venhoeven joins the ‘Tafel van Vijf’ in Pakhuis de Zwijger

8 May 2012


Since 5 years, Pakhuis de Zwijger has been the Amsterdam platform for creation and innovation. To celebrate its 5th birthday, director Egbert Fransen invites 100 creative entrepreneurs and thinkers to participate in 20 ‘Tafels van Vijf’ (Tables of Five). The five course dinners each take five hours and has five guests, discussing the future of Amsterdam, from the current political, economic and technological point of view. What are the priorities of the city, what needs to be done in the near future, how can you contribute?

Every table guest has one hour to lead the conversation into his own direction. The result of the ‘Tafel van Vijf’ discussions will be published at the end of the season and be presented during a final ‘Tafel van 100’ (Table of 100). The ideas and perspectives of the 100 creative thinkers will be offered to the city of Amsterdam by the ‘Club van 100’.

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