VenhoevenCS designs two residential blocks opposite Amstel Station

31 July 2018


Blocks B&C 3

On July 26 the municipality of Amsterdam awarded the contract for the development of the two residential blocks opposite Amstelstation to MRP Development and VenhoevenCS. The buildings will include 200 apartments, a supermarket, a grand café, an incubator and a range of commercial and social facilities. 80% of the apartments is intended for middle incomes, 20% for the private rental sector.

The two blocks combine urban functions with a beautiful and save living environment for families and youngsters. Both target groups which nowadays have a hard time finding a place to live in the center of Amsterdam.

Alderman Laurens Ivens (Building & Living): “These rental houses are needed in order to offer the middle incomes enough affordable housing. Amsterdam must remain a city where there is space for everybody to live, regardless of income.”

Completion is scheduled in 2022

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