Le Basroch eco-district

Grande Synthe (FR), 2014



The objective of this new eco-district is to provide a type of collective habitat in an intense relationship with nature. Beyond the ambitious energy challenges, it precisely responds to environmental issues, and the desires of the habitat of today by a simple, strong and flexible blueprint structure. The structural axes of the master plan are based on the desire to inhabit the nature, together with sustainably.

Living in nature

Embracing nature is one of the priorities of the eco-district, in order to be aware of its presence and respect it. To maximise the preservation of nature and use it as an attractive district asset, constructions are concentrated in the heart of the site. Through an equal combination of dense and diverse typologies, half of the site remains forest, providing a natural view from all newly developed housing. The eco-district  revolves around a single street or alleyway. Consciously designed in impasse, it creates a simple and efficient system, catering for pedestrians, bicycles, cars and deliveries. This simplicity of resolution highlights the commitment to reducing the impact and use of the car, making it unobtrusive without seeking to ignore or reject it. Thus each apartment has a parking spot, allocated in the heart of the urban blocks, fully integrated and in close proximity to each of the houses.

Living together

To foster the harmonisation of living together on the one hand and the economy of means on the other, the district will promote shared spaces from community gardens, collective space, the collective use of services- car sharing, workshops & bike repairs, combined with the creation of a shared habitat patch. The inhabitants are aware of public spaces and therefore contribute to its maintenance and management. In order to guarantee the social mix of the neighbourhood, the homes are divided into macro-lots from 100 to 200 apartments for a real diversity of housing types, while also achieving an economy for the benefit of the new inhabitants.

Sustainable living

Situated in the heart of the green and blue frame structure of Grande Synthe, the district of Baroch meets strong environmental challenges through exemplary management of mobility, flexibility of realization and evolution, the preservation and development of the biodiversity of the site and the use of sustainable, renewable and recyclable materials. On the other hand, the rain water management, grey and black water treatment and the local production of power is organized at the scale of the district in order to ensure a positive energy area.

Alternative living in the city

Same spirit, different atmospheres.

In collaboration with Remingtonstyle.

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Name: Le Basroch eco-district
Location: Grande Synthe (FR)
Program: 500 dwellings + 1,500 m2 activities realised in 2 phases
1st phase : 200 dwellings
2nd phase : 300 dwellings
Surface area: 20 ha
Assignment: technical, urban and landscape studies
Period: 2012-2014
Status: Completed
Client: City of Grande Synthe


VenhoevenCS: Ton Venhoeven, Cécilia Gross, Jos-Willem van Oorschot, Piotr Gierek (intern)
Images: VenhoevenCS & Remingtonstyle