VenhoevenCS designs Bike Parking IJboulevard

3 June 2020


VenhoevenCS, in collaboration with Van Hattum en Blankevoort and DS Landschaparchitecten, is selected to design bike parking IJboulevard in Amsterdam. The underwater parking facility for 4000 bicylces is located behind Amsterdam Central Station, where all traffic flows meet: ships, trains, metros, trams, buses, cars, taxis, ferries, cyclists and pedestrians. Amsterdam Central Station has transformed into more than just a transfer node. It is a pleasant place to stay and inextricably linked with the city. VenhoevenCS designed bike parking IJboulevard  as the mobility hub of the future; a streamlined link in the daily routine of many travellers, the perfect ‘plug-in’ for the existing machine.

The design builds on the tradition of turning functional infrastructural features into seductive spaces that contribute to urban culture and invites elegant behavior. The movements of cyclists and pedestrians determine the shape of the building, that is designed as an extension of the public area.

Bike Parking IJboulevard is an integral design: future-proof, climate adaptive and nature-inclusive. In order to preserve the flow of nature as much as possible and to promote it where possible, various nature-inclusive measures have been included in the design. The parking looks and feels robust, sparkling and modern, but is also sustainable, future-proof and easy to maintain. So that the parking facility will not only be attractive, but will also remain attractive.

Expected start of construction: 2021

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