Work in progress: new student housing for the TU/e

20 July 2022


Student Campus Eindhoven University is ready for the next step in the designing phase!

Starting in November, three building blocks of student housing will be built on the campus of Eindhoven University. More than housing alone, the plan focusses on creating a social hub for the entire (international) student community. To that end, the housing project offers numerous shared facilities: communal lounges, shared kitchens, a Makerspace and a Mobility Hub.

The project consists of two high-rise buildings that flank a low-rise student village. The three buildings are situated within a green park and they are grouped together by means of placing them on a plateau. A boulevard alongside the waterfront connects the outside space of the low-rise student village to the landscape.

In keeping with the objective of creating more than just housing, the Makerspace stands for the heart of the entire project and can be found within the low-rise student village. In the Makerspace, machines for woodworking, 3D printers and tools will be made available to everyone on campus. Being a place of activity, the newest addition to Eindhoven University Campus will be a place where everyone can feel at home.

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