‘Watertoren’ Area

Egmond aan Zee (NL), 2019



Name: ‘Watertoren’ Area
Location: Watertorenweg 36
Program: Energy neutral sports hall, an underground parking garage, 14 semi-detached houses, 5 terraced houses and space for 15 collective private commissioning houses.
Surface area: 14.000 m2
Assignment: Competition design, Master Plan, Schematic design, Design development, Construction documents
Period: 2016-2025
Status: In Progress
Client: Municipality of Bergen


VenhoevenCS: Manfred Wansink, Ton Venhoeven, Klaas van Olphen, Nerea Sáenz Compañón, Piotr Gierek, Ivo Brandes
Landscape architect:Landlab
Structural engineer:Berkhout Tros
Project management:Straman (for the Sportcomplex)
Images: Vingtsix (renders)