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Utrecht, 2020

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Utrecht, 2020

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Amsterdam, 2022

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Tilburg, 2020

News: March 10, 2020

New Bridge over Duivendrechtsevaart Amsterdam

VenhoevenCS is proud to be selected to design the new bridge over the Duivendrechtsevaart Amsterdam. This bridge will become the entrance towards the new city quarter Amstelkwartier. The location is striking: within the city ring of Amsterdam, in an urban area, but also at the tip of the Amstelscheg, one of Amsterdam’s green buffer zones. Brug Duivendrechtsevaart will connect the new quarter with both the city and nature and contributes to the ecological network of Amsterdam.   The new bridge forms an important link within a fine-grained and pleasant network of slow traffic and the design is adaptable for upcoming developments in modes of transportation. However, Brug Duivendrechtsevaart is more than a bridge, it will also be a meeting place: the bridge will stimulate the site and is prepared for future activation of the quays on both sides of the Duivendrechtsevaart.   Within the tradition of the Amsterdam bridges, the Brug Duivendrechtsevaart has a recognizable silhouette with two strong bridgeheads, connected through a fluently shaped bridge deck. The rich details and materials are in line with the Amsterdamse School tradition. The materials are high in quality, sustainable, easy to maintain and will only increase in beauty by the course of time. Additionally, the used materials can be reused again after the lifespan of the bridge.   Several openings in the bridge deck provide the entry of daylight to improve the atmosphere underneath the bridge. The design also provides plenty of spaces where animals that have become relatively rare in the city, can create hiding spots and nests.   We are looking forward to design the Brug Duivendrechtsevaart as part of the ambitious area development of the Amsterdam Amstelkwartier and make this project an important intersection of biodiversity.   Team: Mobilis | TBI, VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism, Smartland   Image: b1 design

News: February 19, 2020

VenhoevenCS selected to design new swimming pool De Slag in Zaanstad

The design for swimming pool De Slag in Sportpark Hoornseveld answers to the ambition of the municipality of Zaanstad to create an accessible sports complex where talent development, a healthy lifestyle, social cohesion and sustainability are fully experienced and stimulated.   Social encounters are central to the design. De Slag invites to stay, move, meet and participate. Sunny conservatories around the entrance and the restaurant invite passers-by to come in for a drink and have a glimpse of the swimming pool. An inviting atmosphere is further created by the warm appearance of the wooden roof structure, which is already visible from the outside.   Besides enabling a place for social encounters, swimming pool De Slag also contributes to an active and healthy lifestyle. This healthy lifestyle is fully integrated in the design. The building consumes as little energy as possible, has natural ventilation where possible and is constructed with natural and reusable materials. The interior finishing and building structures are modular and demountable for easy adaptations in the future.   Inside is plenty of room for plants and there is even a greenhouse that allows for cultivating vegetables which can be used in the restaurant. By choosing to grow air purifying plants, the greenhouse can also function as the lungs of the building and as a thermal buffer zone in order to reduce loss of warmth in winter. Outside, generously applied greening on the roofs will improve the biodiversity, also nest boxes will be smartly placed for various birds and bats to be able to nest. With this combination of green roofs and nest boxes the building will contribute to a well-functioning ecosystem.   Sports complex De Slag will become an innovative swimming pool with modern facilities for both top athletes and recreational users. The building makes a healthy lifestyle visible throughout: it is not only a place for active sport but also for active living.
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