Olympic Aquatics Centre Paris 2024

Paris (FR), 2024



The design of the new Aquatic Centre for the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris guarantees an unforgettable experience of the Olympic Games. But even more important: after the Games, a beautiful and innovative sports centre remains for the inhabitants of Saint-Denis, Paris.

The building is designed for multifunctional use. During the Olympic Games, the competitions for water polo, diving and synchronized swimming will take place here. The building will subsequently be transformed into a boccia stadium during the Paralympics, and after the games, the building will remain as centre for various events for the people in Saint-Denis.

The design exceeds all sustainability requirements set by La Métropole du Grand Paris, and more. The new aquatic centre is built in wood, with an impressive suspended wooden roof that, as a floating form, guides the spectators view down to the competition pools perfectly. The roof is fully equipped with solar panels, creating one of the largest urban solar farms in France. Due to the compact building volume, there is plenty of space for many trees to be planted in the open ground around the stadium.

The design for the Aquatics Centre is developed in an inspiring collaboration with the client La Métropole du Grand Paris and with an outstanding team of skilled professionals, such as Bouygues Batiment Ile de France, Récréa and Dalkia. It perfectly illustrates how sustainable design concepts can lead to architecture that truly improves the quality of city life.

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Olympic Aquatics Centre Paris 2024
Saint-Denis, Métropole du Grand Paris (FR)
In Progress
Bouygues Bâtiment Ile de France (La Métropole du Grand Paris)


Cécilia Gross, Ton Venhoeven, Julie Fuchs, Yann Trégoat, Timothée Pignoux, Jérémy Cassin, Nicolas Handtschoewercker, Grzegorz Balinski,,Tjeerd Hellinga, Rubing XU, Arjan Pot, Louis van Wamel
Ateliers 2/3/4/
Ateliers 2/3/4/
Bouygues Bâtiment Ile de France
SBP schlaich bergermann partner
Mazet & Associes
RECREA (operations), Dalkia (maintenance ), Bouygues Energies Services (maintenance )
Inddigo (sustainability consultant), Peutz (acoustic consultant)

Proloog (renders)