Team VenhoevenCS-B2Ai designed the winning proposal for the new Piscine de Blocry in Wallonia!

28 May 2021


We designed the winning proposal for the new Piscine du Blocry in Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve!

VenhoevenCS designed the winning proposal for the new Piscine de Blocry in Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, together with Artes, B2Ai architects, Sweco and Setesco. The competition is part of the “Plan Piscine”: an initiative in Wallonia to improve all swimming facilities. The new aquatics centre and pedestrian route will make for a great entrance to the Hocaille district and will contribute strongly to the social interaction of the city. The pool’s cohesive function is welcoming to everyone. Piscine de Blocry will be accessible for both school kids, families and professional athletes.

With an Olympic-sized swimming pool (50×25 m), accommodating national competitions for a diverse range of sports such as long-distance swimming, synchronized swimming, underwater diving and water polo, Piscine de Blocry will become one of the largest swimming pools in Wallonia. The building volume, however, is very compact. This allows for a maximum preservation of the existing trees and other vegetation – as the building is located next to a Natura 2000 zone with a rich and biodiverse forest. Simultaneously we were able to bring the use of energy to a minimum and reach the high energy performance ambitions.

“We are proud to have won the design for Piscine de Blocry in Wallonia because we have translated major ambitions – an Olympic-size swimming pool on a prominent location – into a compact, light and modest concept. This results in an energy efficient complex and the surrounding nature continues to play the leading role. I can already imagine how everyone, from swimming lesson children to top athletes, will be calling Piscine de Blocry their swimming pool. Truly a healthy design for a healthy society!” – Cecilia Gross – Architect Partner – Director VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism

VenhoevenCS in Belgium

VenhoevenCS previously realized swimming pools in Mechelen, Ronse and Oostende in collaboration with the architects of B2Ai – the Brigitte Becue pool in Oostende just opened  in May 2021 – and an open-air swimming pool in Tongeren together with OKRA landscape architects. The agency is currently working on several international sports buildings including the aquatic center for Paris 2024. Recently, VenhoevenCS won the tender to develop Masterplan 2.0 for the Corda Campus in Hasselt.

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